Monday, November 13, 2017

Ooey Gooey Chocolate Brownies - and its Healthy!!

These Ooey Gooey Brownies are so simple to make, are not cakey at all, and are the perfect
chocolate treat! So delicious and gluten free, dairy free and nut free!

Now, this is an amazingly delicious recipe!

I found a recipe on Pinterest a while back, and of course i had to tweek it to make it my own! Then i decided to switch it up again - to put a new twist to it! With the holidays coming up, desserts are ALWAYS a staple - so i needed to make sure that i am offering and bringing desserts that are NOT going to destroy my clean eating lifestyle, or my waistline!!! 

And these brownies are so good! Thick, fudgy, rich, intense chocolate flavor, and so easy to make! No one will know these are HEALTHY! I needed a recipe that was just like the “regular” version and that’s exactly what these are. 

Side note: If you have never used coconut flour to bake, then there is a little learning curve. It is super dry so you don’t need a lot. 

They are so easy to make. They are mixed in one pan and are in the oven within just a few minutes. These are perfect for those times you need chocolate treat quickly, or those times when you have to bring a dessert somewhere. You will absolutely love these brownies!!

  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil (I use unrefined, virgin)
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder (I use unsweetened)
  • 3.5 oz unsweetened chocolate (Trader Joe's Simple Life Dark Chocolate)
  • 3/4 cup honey
  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour (I used Trader Joe's brand)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon espresso powder (I used Trader Joe's, this is optional, but highly recommend)
  • Splashes of coconut milk
  • Cup of dairy free morsels (I use
    Enjoy Life)


Preheat oven to 350°. You can line a 9x9 baking pan with parchment paper - of making one big batch.

I made these into cupcakes, so i just used a cupcake pan and put the liners inside. If using a pan - you can also spray with non-stick spray and set aside.

In a medium saucepan, combine coconut oil, cocoa powder, and unsweetened chocolate.
Heat over medium heat, whisking until mixture is smooth and no lumps remain, throw in the splash of coconut milk.
Take off the heat and stir in the honey. Your mixture to slightly thicken.

Stir, Stir, Stir

Add in the eggs and vanilla and mix well.

Add in the coconut flour, salt, and espresso powder. Mix until no dry pockets remain. Add another little splash of coconut milk. 

Pour into prepared pan, or cupcake liners and bake for 20-23 minutes.

Out of the oven, throw a few dairy free morsels on top - let melt!! Can add some coconut cream as "whip cream" or leave it naked! 

Store in the fridge after the first day to keep fresh.

If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment below and don’t forget to snap a pic and tag it #bakingFFM on instagram! Seeing your kitchen creations will make my day!!!! 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Mastering your Mindset & Rocking that Outfit Challenge Group!

I believe that EVERY woman has the right to rock what ever outfit she chooses!!!!

So there was this one time..ok maybe a few times...that I was having conversations with some friends about different kinds of pants...and I was like, "Why do they make jeans that don't take into consideration the fact that women have hips..."

There are jeans that barely fit over the hips, or they fit over the hips and there is a huge gap in the butt, or they fit in the butt and the waist is too big, or your circulation is just getting cut off!!

UGGHHH the Struggle for us curvy mommas!!!

As we were getting into this conversation, one of my girlfriends said, "That's why I threw all my jeans out...leggings don't lie..."

Another one said, "I hate leggings!!! Every time I wear them - someone has something to say about me being plus size and squeezing myself into them"

And then I thought on this a little more...
and I realized...

Damn Girls!!!


When wearing leggings, there are times you don't realize the all the "cheat meals" you are having are adding up...

When wearing jeans, they are not all cut the same, so where you may normally be a size 14 - you may have to get a 16 or 18 to hug your curves the right way...

And those bullies? Ready to body shame anyone who doesnt fit societies standards??? Well thats another entire post on how i feel about them!!!

At the end of the day - its about being HEALTHY and feeling CONFIDENT in your own skin!!!
Start of my journey 2014

I remember the feelings of overwhelm that I constantly had as I got older and my social struggles became apparent.

I worried about everything. What would others think of me? Will I be happy? Will anyone notice my rolls? Do these jeans make my ass look to big? What if i wear this over sized shirt - will that hide everything?

And all of these thoughts slowly melted away as I started to learn to LET GO of others and their expectations as well as allowing my fears and frustrations get the better of me!

Mid Journey 2016

My mindset these past few years has completely changed. Completely. Because of personal development!

And let me tell you something. Your LIFE is a direct reflection of your mindset.

If you feel like there HAS to be more to life. There HAS to be more to enjoy and experience....then you are right. There is.

And you need to learn to unlock the key of your mind. You need to learn to MASTER YOUR MINDSET.

My son and I have experienced more memories as a family in the past 3 years than we did in the 11 years before. And it all comes down to changing our mindset.

I knew there was more to life. I wanted more for myself and for my son. And I learned to change our mindset to fit this.

Our lives are 180* difference. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I AM ON AN AMAZING PATH. I have learned to stop caring what other people think, how they think i should dress, how i should talk, what i should eat, who i should allow in my life....and I FOCUS on what makes ME feel CONFIDENT, HAPPY, and STRONG!

If YOU are wanting to hear from some of my FAVORITE personal development gurus, if YOU are READY TO ROCK ANY OUTFIT, feel CONFIDENT, feel STRONG, and be the BEST HEALTHIEST version of YOU then join this 30 day support group. 

We will be focusing on HOW you do this through what we eat, exercise, and how we fuel our brain to MASTER OUR MINDSET!

It starts Monday OCTOBER 30th.

So ladies, that's here is what  are about to do-

30 day virtual community
1 year virtual gym membership
Customizable meal plan
30 meals
Me in your corner- Every. Dang. Day. rooting for YOU!

I'm keepin it to a sweet ten spots.

And I want you to take one...

Especially you - YES YOU - the BADASS Busy Momma who thinks she can't, thinks she is too far gone and is all like, oh shiz... Kristin is speaking right to me!!

Fill out the application!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Clean Week: An Introduction to Health & Fitness

Where's all my secret followers? You know who you are!!! You have been lurking, watching, waiting...

Scared to hit the like button on a post, petrified to make a comment, afraid I am going to ask you to join a challenge group or drink the kool-aid...

Well this post goes out to all of you who!!! You are not quite sure if you want to commit to a full month of clean eating, 30 minute exercises, meal planning, and starting a new lifestyle!! You're nervous, not sure if you can do it, maybe you're afraid to fail. Maybe you are so overwhelmed with being a mom, working full time, keeping up with your chores, saving and taking care of everything and everyone - that you couldn't possibly add one more thing to your plate...

I totally understand that!! I stalked my coach for 4 months before I decided to take a chance. I was petrified i was going to fail, I was convinced this was a scam, I was in a crappy marriage that was sucking my soul dry, I was running all over the place for my son, my list of excuses as to why I shouldn't participate grew by the minute...Until, enough was enough. 

Yes, I know - it looks so super overwhelming in the beginning....But I PROMISE it gets easier and I will be by your side every step of the way!! I absolutely love clean eating, the way it makes me feel, the improvement on my health and my attitude towards life, and finding new recipes!  

I started my journey to improving my health just about 4 years ago. I can say that I not only did I lose 70 lbs, but I even transformed my teenage son's eating habits! I am so freakin excited to share with you a brand new tool to help you start understanding the basics of clean eating, introducing yourself to exercise with under 30 minutes a day just 7x a week and a sampler of Shakeology if you would like to give that a try!

The good news is Beachbody’s newest program, CLEAN WEEK, launched October 3rd and it lets you “try on” a healthy lifestyle for just 7 days, no strings attached!!!

Clean Week is only one week long and will show you how easy it is to make healthy choices and give you the confidence to take the next step. The best part? You do not have to fully commit to an entire challenge pack. This option allows you to sample the program for a week, to help you test out the products and be a part of my support & accountability group so I can teach you how to plan and prep, keep you motivated and share some of my tips and tools with you!

This is a great program for beginners and those who have tried a fitness program and stopped or gave up on themselves or haven’t started because they’re afraid to fail. You know you need to make a change, you want to make a change, but you’re not sure where to start – Clean Week is your answer! If you want to dip your toes into health and fitness without jumping in from the highest diving board, this is the perfect program for you!!

Show of hands.....Who hasn't been afraid to start a new job, a new relationship, or leave a toxic relationship? Maybe your fears came from starting over in a new town, becoming a single mom, or starting a business. We ALL have been afraid of new things, new changes, the scary unknown.  All of those things come with risks. Life is about taking risks and seeing where it will take you. You have no idea what you are capable until you put your mind to it. You can’t be afraid to give something a try, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You may have to take extra water breaks or push pause to give yourself some breathing room? But what are the rewards at the end of the day? How will you FEEL is you make it through just 1 day of working out? How about 3 days?  Or 7 days? How will you FEEL if  you learned to eat healthy and perfectly portioned, and kept it going for 1 day? 3 days. or 7 days? Would you be proud? Feel happy? Feel accomplished?

You can look back and say, “I did that...I kicked ass...I didn't quit on myself”! You can show people your new found confidence, your swag, your self love warrior attitude. And bonus - You can wear clothes you’ve been wanting to wear for a long time! You can pull out those leggings, and little black dress that has been hanging in the back of the closet! The possibilities of what getting healthy from the inside out can do for you is legit endless!

 When you feel good about your body, it will show in every aspect of your life....Other people are going to be in awe of the beauty radiating from within you. Your positive body image will reflect on others, and maybe just maybe - help them to feel better about themselves. You can help end the negative dance parties that go on in our heads just by saying “yes” I want to face my fear of failure and prove myself wrong! 

How does Clean Week work?

Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle with new super trainer Megan Davies. You will get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and should you choose - a week’s supply of delicious Shakeology.

The Workouts

Clean Week comes with four 30-minute workouts: cardio, strength, core function, and flexibility. These workouts will be available for FREE on Beachbody on Demand starting October 3rd. You do not need to be a member to access these workouts. The only equipment required is a set of dumbbells for the strength workout. If you don't have dumbells, use what you have! Bags of flour, cans of sauce, your own body - There will also be an intensifier available if you want to kick up your workout!!

The Nutrition Plan

There is NO calorie counting in this program!! You will receive a step-by-step meal planner that breaks it all down for you with delicious, nutritious foods. And should you want to try before you buy Shakeology - you can get a 7 day sample supply of Shakeology!!! Packed with all the nutrients, vitamins, and protein that you need, Shakeology will help curb your cravings and boost your immunity. The regular Shakeology sampler comes with 2 packets of chocolate, 2 packets of vanilla, 2 packets of cafe latte, and 1 packet of strawberry. There is also a vegan Shakeology sampler available. And i have tons of recipes!!!

The Support and Accountability

The best part of Clean Week is the support and accountability you get from my Challenge Group! In a closed Facebook group starting on October 9th, I will provide you with daily motivation, tips, tricks, and everything you need to make it through the week successfully!! I am actually going to be running this group for 14 days! The 9th we will start the plan and prep process and on the 16th will be day 1 of our workouts! I am going to be adding you to my closed online accountability and support group to give you daily tips, motivation, accountability and more.

Can one week really make a difference?

HELL YES!!! This is the first step in making better choices and building better habits. If you stick with the program for the full 7 days, you will start to see and feel changes in your body. Plus you will increase your confidence and you’ll be ready to continue your fitness journey!!!

If you are interested, fill out the application below!!