Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 Day Clean Eating, Shakeology & 3 Day Refresh

My mother, who has always been one of my biggest supports, is also a skeptic, with anything new I decide to try. Like many people, I have tried every fad diet, pill, thigh master, gym memberships, etc out there. I have suffered from eating disorders, whether it be starving myself, or binge eating. So when I started my journey, my mother smiled and congratulated me, but secretly was thinking to herself - let's see how this is going to last. 

Being in her 60's, my mother is also set in her ways with many things. I knew my lifestyle change was serious. I knew I was committed, and I also knew I had to take baby steps with her - to have her believe and understand, and embrace that this time was the right time for me. I also wanted her to join me, so she can be healthy as well. I worry, especially with her history of Breast Cancer and high blood pressure. This was going to be tricky!! 

I would keep my other updated on my progress. While I was with her, I would continue to do my new every day goals. I would bring prepared snacks with me, prepared foods. So while everyone was sitting around eating processed foods, not the healthiest of choices for food, I had my clean eats. While we were out at restaurants I would ask the waiters or waitress to have my meal prepared the way I want, and I would make healthy choices. I would say no to foods I didnt plan for. I didnt push my thoughts and beliefs on her, I led by example. 

I would talk to her about what I have been learning and we would have some great discussions. One day, she said to me "Ok, I want to try this Shakeology you are always drinking". So I gave her some packets, and some recipe ideas. "This is really good!" She started having them for breakfast. 

She then came to me, and said I have inspired her to start walking! So she went out and got herself a step counter. She started walking 1 mile, then 2 miles then 3 miles per day. She was ready for cleaning eating. We started slow, and every day she would make changes. I would check in on her, giving her tips and support. 

"Hey, so what is this 3 day refresh?" I explained to her its a great way to kick off, jump start, break a plateau, or lose those last few stubborn pounds. It will detox your body of toxins, allow you to feel healthy and less bloated. "Yes, I am going to try this".

Day 1

" i started my day at 8 am with a 2mile walk came home excited today was the day i was starting the 3 day refresh at 9am. i followed it exactly. meal by meal, drink by drink,snack by snack. 5 bottles of water in between. peeing a lot, it is now 7:30pm and I feel great and I feel stuffed. I actually feel fuller like I gained weight. hopefully tomorrow morn. the scale will reflect my dedication of today. the shakes were delicious. tomorrow will be another successful day."
Day 2

" I walked 1. 6 miles today...weighed myself..day 2--- LOST 2lbs!! Started day2 of the refresh program. i do feel thinner and less bloated than last night. i guess that comes from all the liquids being ingested and then peeing a lot. here's to another positive day... :-)"

Day 3

"Waked 2 miles...weighed in and another pound gone! i am really impressed with this program and how energized and wonderful i feel. I may not have had a huge weight loss, but I feel better - mentally and physically. I am very pleased with the results. Slow and steady wins the race!" 

I couldn't be more proud of my mothers commitment. Being a busy wife, mother, and grandmother - she is finally making herself a priority and taking control of her health and fitness. She is a true inspiration, that even in your 60's, it is never to late to make a lifestyle change. She has a fitness program she enjoys, she is consistently drinking Shakeology every day, and 80% of the time is eating as clean as she can. 

After 30 days, Shakeology & the 3 Day Refresh - here is her before and during. (We say during because she is still on her journey) 13 lbs gone, and over 15 inches. Look at that smile!!

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