Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transformation Tuesday - Through a Mother's Eyes

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

My mother has always been one of the most important people to me. Whether I knew it or not, whether I acted like it or not. I was quite the pain in the rear growing up - and no matter what she always had my back. She supported me, she believed in me, she had no qualms about telling me when I acted like an idiot. I looked up to her and inspired to be like her. 

Even though my mother always loved me, and told me I was beautiful - I didn't believe her. She had to say
me and my mom
that right? I mean she is my mother. 

I suffered for a very long time being trapped in my own negative mind, being uncomfortable in my own skin. My negative talk to myself, kept me stuck in a place I didnt like to be. It kept me stuck from moving forward and being truly at peace and happy. I would look at my mother and think - how in the world does she always have it together? 

When I became a mother, I saw thing differently. I saw things not as a selfish person, but as someone who was entrusted with this miracle - to love unconditionally, to teach, to help thrive, to put on the right path. How in the world was I going to do that when I thought so poorly of myself? 

I turned to my mother. One of my biggest cheerleaders. She would constantly remind me of what a good woman and mother I am, and how much my son loved me and needed me. Slowly I started to listen. Slowly I started to believe. I found my way. My goal became, me second my son first. I became an "expert" at making sure his needs were always taken care, he came first no matter what - everything was for him. Making sure he has grown and thrived...but something was missing. 

Fast forward to this year. Negative thoughts still creeping through my head all these years - not believing everything 100%. Still uncomfortable in my own skin, still unhappy and depressed with the "limits" i had in playing and enjoying time my son because I was so overweight. Then it happened. My son complaining that we do not go outside to play, he doesn't want to because he has no energy and he thought he was fat. 

my son and I
BAM! It was like a house fell on me. What in the world have I done? Focusing solely on him and my family - I put myself on the back burner for so long, and my negative thoughts of myself were being spoken out loud, and were being shown to him. I have done him an injustice. 

It’s my belief that our self-talk is programming ourselves for our statements to be true. Whether our self talk is positive or negative - we put ourselves in that situation, and keep ourselves there. For me, the time to change was now.

My work as a wife, a mother, and now a Beachbody coach - is less about teaching than it is about coaching, helping & by leading by example. I look towards changing negative beliefs my family, and my challengers have about themselves, and encouraging everyone how to go down a more productive path.

I am certainly not an expert. And personal development is a never ending process. I do know what has worked for me, and what has worked so well for others. If you continue to think the same old way, the same old results are going to happen. I have learned it is NOT selfish to make yourself, your health, your fitness a priority. It is imperative! Let's think for a minute. Do you know why they say if you are on a plane, and the air masks come down - why you should take some air first then give it to your child? Because if you do not take air first, and something happens to you - who will be around to take care of your child? 

Same applies to health and fitness. If you make excuse after excuse, of you do not make yourself a priority, and something happens to you - you get sick, you become immobile, or worse....what will happen to your children? Your family? 

We cannot rely purely on thoughts; we must translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to move forward and achieve our goals. This means we have to be very careful with our words, choosing to speak only those which work towards our benefit and cultivate our highest good. 

Think about who is around you always. Who can you be inspiring, influencing? The negative thoughts you may have about yourself, would you be comfortable saying those things about your loved ones? Your kids? 

It's time to get off of the roller coaster and change your life, change your families life. 1 small step, consistently each and every day - will over time lead you to your goals, will make you a stronger and healthier person. 

Transformations start from the inside out. Get your mindset right and the rest will follow. Do you need that extra motivation and accountability? Do you need that extra support? Click below and allow me to help you.