Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stay on Track this Fall Season!

Some surefire strategies to stay fit this season

Between the Fall cool air, wanting to wrap yourself up in your warm blanket on the couch, or your bed, and the impending holidays about to rear there head - it can be pretty tough to stay active during
this season! A ton of family obligations, work parties, and last-minute shopping means that exercise and smart eating often gets delayed or crossed off the schedule altogether. NOT THIS YEAR! There are 3 more months until New Years Day, and we need to be determined to make the most of them. I've come up with some smart strategies, tips, tricks, and motivational techniques to make fitness part of the celebration all holiday season long.

1. Get out there

Snuggling under the blankets with a mug of hot chocolate, cup of warn tea or coffee is all fine and dandy, but it certainly won’t help you out in the health & fitness department. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, or baking cookies, playing on your phone or even playing board games, pass the time being active! Try snowshoeing, hiking, going for walks or a run....or maybe you want to build a snowman?

2. Set a challenge

Each year, Runner’s World magazine challenges readers to run every single day (logging at least one mile per day) between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Running not your style? Create your own challenge, whether it involves trying a new exercise program every day, testing different yoga poses, or checking out my online free workout groups I host on Facebook.

3. Make it official

Sign up for a race, competition, fitness-y vacation like a hiking or bike trip for January or February. This way you have a good reason (and plenty of motivation) to stay in shape over the holidays and start exercising and eating healthy now!

4. Find a workout buddy

Rolling out of bed for a 6am workout session is much harder to skip when you’re one half of a dynamic workout duo. Enlist a fitness-minded friend or family member (especially if you’re traveling) to be your holiday exercise buddy. Encourage each other to lace up the sneakers for pre-dinner workouts and post-shopping trip runs.

5. Treat yourself

No, not to that extra slice of pumpkin pie. Indulge in new workout clothing or Beachbody fitness program before Thanksgiving to boost motivation throughout the holiday season.

6. Start a fitness tradition

There are tons of family-friendly holiday-themed running events in most areas. Sign up the whole family (don’t forget the costumes) for a fun, goofy Spooky Stroll or Jingle Jog. Before you know it, the annual race will become a family tradition.

7. Include everyone

Working out can often be a solitary activity, which may explain why many people skip the gym when friends and family are in town. Make it a group activity by inviting visitors to join you at home while doing your exercise.

8. Find a promotion

Beachbody is always running promotions, where you are able to try a new fitness program. They also offer a money back guarantee. So it is really a win win, you get to try a program and if you dont like it return it for a full refund. Many gyms and personal trainers will not give you that option.

9. Act like a kid

Childhood winter favorites like sledding, snowball fights, and ice-skating get the heart pumping. Head outside for a sneaky (and super fun) workout.

10. Be a mall rat

With a mile-long to-do list before the big holiday get-together, there’s just no time for exercise, right? Wrong-o: Simply lace up your sneakers and powerwalk between errands. (This is especially doable at a mall or shopping center.)

BONUS: Work towards a goal

Set a specific, tangible goal to accomplish during the holiday season. There are 3 months from October and New Year’s Day, which is the perfect amount of time to really nail that push-up form, learn to do Crow pose, or master an 8-minute mile. Or, you know, any other fitness goal that strikes your fancy.