Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Witchy Fitness 30 day Challenge!! - Spooking into your Home October 27th!!!

Tis the season!! 

Wait what??? We all know that all the stores are already pushing all the holidays - so let's take advantage and starting thinking about how we can get through and WIN over the holidays and stay healthy & fit!!

Halloween is like 2 weeks away - and if you are like me - candy & chocolate are an issue! And to
make matters worse the indulgences won’t end when we dump all the pumpkins! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year are all right around the corner. Let’s make a CHOICE to not put off making a fitness resolution till 2015!

Let's get started ASAP this way, you’ll already be feeling fit and way ahead of the game when January 1st rolls around :)

I am going to give this group my all, and I want you to give it your all as well. If you want results, you have to give this everything you’ve got!Commit to your program. Whatever it is. I am going to ask that you send me a copy of your workout schedule week by week. I am going to check in with you personally each week, especially if I’m not hearing from you in the group.


1 - Commit to your nutrition and drink Shakeology every day. Nutrition is 80% of this!! If you keep your mind closed to new and delicious foods because you arent sure if you will like it, its like definition of insanity - keep doing the same thing over and over, you will get the same result. For some of you, I know fitness comes easy, but nutrition does not. And some nutrition comes easy and fitness does not. We all need one another!! We can learn from each other. Let’s tackle those food demons together during this temptation-filled time of year. Shakeology is one way to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need while helping you keep your cravings at bay. If you already drink Shakeology, you need to commit to it. EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you are not currently a Shakeology drinker, I am offering a discounted, 7-day supply for those who would like to try it. Trust me. It will be worth it. If you really want to be a part of this, it’s time to commit to your nutrition.

2 - Invite a friend, family member, or co-worker to do this challenge with you. Challenges are more fun and more successful if you bring a buddy. I can personally tell you this: if you have a partner, you will drive each other to success either by supporting each other or by competing with each other ;) (Maybe a little bit of both!) When I started I made sure I had a partner! It was so amazing to have that person right along side me. I am pretty competitive so that helped so much too!! If your firend or family member or co-worker isn't ready though, that just means you need to start and show them how fantastic you feel! 

3 - PARTICIPATE!!! Nobody likes to hear crickets in any type of challenge group. Had a stellar workout today? Share it! Cooked a meal so healthy you might explode with nutrition? Post it! Took a nap after going through the McDonald’s drive thru? Tell us! We are here for you. That’s what these groups are all about - being here for each other.

Join me for our kickoff October 27th - We are going to get to know one another and prep ourselves for a week before we start!!! 


Have FUN with this. This is not fitness torture or diet hell. This is a way to make fitness fun and to learn how to eat clean. Bring a positive attitude to the challenge, and you will see and feel the results!

Again The challenge begins October 27th. Get ready to BRING IT!!!