Monday, November 17, 2014

21 Day Fix – Week 2 Review & Meal Plan & Inches Gone?!!?!?

21 Day Fix – Week 2 Review & Meal Plan & Inches Gone?!!?!?

Here I am two thirds of the way done with my 6th round of the 21 Day Fix. I took a lot of time off from my 5th round to my 6th round (did some T25 and some PiYO) so I had to retain myself in the “way of the fix”.

Every day, it is getting easier and easier – but I am going to be honest….week 2…I had to change up my routine a lot!!

There were a few days this past week, which my snooze button won over me. Sometimes (many times who are we kidding) being a full time working mom and wife is exhausting!! Sometimes I want to throw my alarm clock across the room and snuggle into my warm bed and go back to sleep, and pretend for 10 more minutes I am 16 again with no responsibilities. But then I realize that sleeping the day away will not get me any closer to my goals.  I have health and fitness goals, financial goals, and home goals – which I need to achieve so it’s time to get up and get moving!!
So instead of jumping up and exercising in the morning on the days I hit snooze to many times, I would have to wait until I get home from work to get it done. On the days I managed to get my butt out of bed, I’d fit my workout in the morning before my day even started. (which is so much better for me!!)

Routines are key, to any health and fitness regime. Having a routine helps keep you on track, you know what to expect, you know what’s coming – and you can keep looking forward.  I am making it my goal in week 3 to stay on my workout routine so I am not fitting it in at 10 or 11pm like I did during week 2.

21 Day Fix Week 2 – Review of my Results
So like I have mentioned before, the 21 Day Fix is my soul mate program. The way this program is
set up with the meal plan and workout each day, makes it easy to follow, easy to shed weights and inches, and allows you to feel better about yourself and the small goals you accomplish each and every day. Let’s face it! Sticking to your meal plan each day is a huge!! And you should commend yourself every day that you do it!!  Changing your mindset, and changing your lifestyle is no easy task – its so easy to fall back into old habits and just sit on the coach and eat a bag of cookies.

My stats for Week 2
  • ·         Maintained, no weight lost
  • ·         5 inches gone from hips and waist, 2 inches from arms, 1 inch form thighs, 1 inch from chest

So some of you may look at that and go, “What the hell?? No weight lost? This program doesn’t work”  You couldn’t be more wrong. This program is working! Every day that I get up and make the choice to stick to my meal plan, every day I make the choice to get my fitness routine in, every day I make the choice to be happy with me it is working. Sometimes non scale victories are just as exciting as scale victories. Want to know why? Because I had to go out on Saturday and buy 2 new pairs of jeans that are 1 size smaller than the pants I had on in week 1!!

 I felt in week 2, my clothes were a little loose, but I wasn’t really pay attention. By Saturday, when I had my skinny jeans on – my husband looked at me and said “Umm your skinny jeans are not so skinny anymore. They are looking baggy” I was like what? I ran to the mirror and shocked. I felt amazing that I was able to get new jeans that were a smaller size!! Its true what they say, when you start seeing results it is so addicting!!

21 Day Fix Week 2 Review – The Workouts
In all of my life, I have never looked forward to working out. Yet with eh 21 Day Fix, I find myself looking forward to it every day.  I find Autumn easy to listen to, encouraging, and motivating. I do not feel like the other people in the video are annoyingly fit and are just faking it to make a video. I can relate to a few of them in my own way. The modifier Kat – is fantastic, she is a real person, and when I need to follow her she is right there waiting for me.  By week 2, you know what to expect with the videos. You know what moves are coming up. So it does give you the opportunity to push a little harder, dig a little deeper, and give it everything you got. There is nothing you cant do for 60 seconds!

By the end of Week 2, you will amaze yourself in what you can accomplish. Holding plank a little longer, doing 2 more surrenders, 3 more burpees – you are getting stronger every minute.

21 Day Fix Week 2 Review – Meal Planning

So I am pretty boring sometimes. Shocking I know. I love food, and all the amazing clean recipes I have found. But sometimes (many times) I do not want to cook 7 different meals in advance. So I will cook 2 meals for the week on Sunday, or if I am feeling crazy maybe a 3rd . I try and convince my husband to cook a meal on Monday, just to switch things up a little, but it doesn’t always happen. So I stick with the same food for the week. It less I have to think about, I know all my calories are being eaten for the day, and I know I love the food I am eating. Just grab and go!  

This week, we had a family party on Sunday. Celebrating my beautiful Aunt on her 70th Birthday. So I knew in advance I had to make sure I stuck to my plans all week long, so on Sunday if I wanted to splurge a little I could and not feel guilty. I love that this meal plan has guidelines for Cheat Meals (NOT CHEAT DAYS OR MANY DAYS….LOL) I honestly believe that in order to succeed, every now and then you have to smartly indulge yourself. You deserve a little special treat, and as long as you can fit it into your guidelines for the day then go for it! If you deprive yourself, that’s where people tend to binge and go overboard, ruing all of the hard work up until that point.
I am looking forward to Week 3. Its doubles week!!! So every day 2 workouts to accomplish, button up on meal planning and getting myself all ready for Thanksgiving the following week!! I can do it and so can you!!!

If you are interested in the results I am getting, or if you need help getting through the Holiday- trying to stay away from the dread holiday weight gain, and what to see if this is something for you – please reach out to me below: And best yet…Bring a friend along for the journey!!! Working out with friends, helps tremendously on staying on track and holding each other accountable!!