Monday, November 24, 2014

21 Day Fix – Week 3 Reviews, Meal Plans & 21 Day Results!

21 Day Fix – Week 3 Reviews, Meal Plans & 21 Day Results! 

Well I made it! 21 Days...21 Days to restart my weight loss, 21 Days to start a new healthy habit. The last 3 weeks have been tough, but I am super proud of myself for sticking with it, for never giving up, and sticking to my meal plan! Life sure loves throwing me curves balls, so I defiantly
faced some challenges along the way! There were many times, my hectic crazy life would get in the way, kids need to be shuffled, husband needed extra attention, my 9-5 work is beyond demanding, and many times I was tired!! I would just want to plop myself on the couch and watch mindless TV, or hit the snooze button 1 or 2 or 10 extra times! And there were days I did just that!! I took some extra time to sleep in the morning, sometimes I decided to give myself an hour to decompress. I am human!! I am not a machine, I am not perfect. And you know what?!?1 I accept it, embrace it, and love it! I have learned valuable lessons along my journey. Never give up! To me that means, if i need some me time, I will take it. If i need to lock the world out and melt my brain watching my favorite soap opera, I will do it. If i want to eat that 1 cookie - well damn it, I m eating it. (Not the whole bag, just one....I am not giving anyone the green light to undo all their hard work for 10 minutes of gratification!!) Everything in moderation. For a really long time, I deprived myself of things that gave me peace, that allowed me to rest and relax, to regroup my thoughts, or even satisfy a quick little craving. Why? A few reasons. 1. I felt like i didnt deserve it. I wasnt happy with myself, i was overweight, tired, and cranky and therefore I shouldnt be rewarded. 2. I would over indulge! Where I would plan for a rest of 30 minutes, would turn into 8-10 or more hours and the "I will do it tomorrow" attitude would instantly kick in. 3. I am a wife and a mom, and everyone is pulling me in a million directions and I need to answer and cater to all of them first before me, as that is my job. BURRRRNNTTT Out I was!! I needed to regroup and understand, without me on my A game, everything around me suffered. I was teaching my kids to be lazy and eat poorly, I was enabling my husband to sit around and get away with not doing any chores and overeating, I was was treating myself as a doormat and allowing those in my inner circle to do the same. I am so glad I decided to make a change, a lifestyle change, a complete overhaul! Was it scary? HELL YES! Was it easy? HELL NO! 20 yrs of bad habits do not change overnight!! It takes time and commitment, and the understanding some days will be better than others. In the end, all of it is 100% WORTH IT, because YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU MATTER. YOU MUST COME FIRST.

21 Day Fix Week 3 Final Results

Yes you are reading that correctly, only 4.3 pounds....wait what?!? YES I LOST 4.3 POUNDS!!! I couldnt be know why? because that is 4.3 pound less than I had 3 weeks ago!! That brings me 4.3 pounds closer to my goal. Stop looking at things in a negative light, and you will be able to feel how positive this is. How your mindset is changed for the better. This is amazing. Even on my tough days, I didnt give up. I didnt say "oh well I missed my workout today, so I will throw in the towel and sit on my butt for 3 weeks". No - I pushed forward, stuck to my meal plan, revised when necessary, and stuck to being positive. And not only did the pounds come off, but another 8 inches!! Which is why last week I had to get some new smaller jeans!! YEA ME!! MY BMI was reduced and my body fat went down. So just because I didnt loose 10, 15 or 20 pounds - my overall health is IMPROVING! You can not put a price tag or a number on that. Because of my hard work, whether or not the weight comes off slow or fast, I am making positive changes to my life, and I will be around a lot longer for my family.

The Workouts
So in the final week, it is suggested to double up your workouts. You can do them back to back, one in the AM and one in the PM, whatever is easier for you. For me, it really depended on my day. I would schedule to do it int he morning, back to back, but sometimes my 11 yr old son needed something extra in the morning, like "Oh hey mom, forgot to tell you I need you to make me lunch today" or "Hey mom, forgot to tell you I need to go to school early" of course I can not tell him to starve or have him get into trouble at school, so I would get through 1, and save the second for when I got home. Sometimes the PM worked out, and sometimes it didn't. I didnt get down on myself, and I didnt give up. Thats what counts. By the time week 3 rolls around, you are talking with Autumn and the people in the video, as if you are all old friends. You know what they are going to say, and you answer them as if they can hear you. Well - at least I did those things....LOL maybe I should speak with a professional? With every burpee, with every crunch, everything is getting easier because you are getting stronger. 

21 Day Fix - Meal Planning
The more I learn about meal planning, and the more I put it into effect, the more I realize - I eat a lot of different variations of burgers! LOL. They are quick and easy, and as long as you are preparing them correctly, clean as possible! Being a full time working mom & wife, who also runs a business, and takes care of fur-babies, is a very busy and tough job! I do not always have the time to make 7 gourmet meals a week! Learning how to adapt to situations, by understanding the ground work of clean eating has helped me tremendously. And being able to eye ball the containers now, even better! I would say by the end of my first round of the 21 Day Fix, i was getting really good at being able to loook at food and mentally fit it into a container. Which is great, because who wants to walk around with these containers? Then people will start calling you the crazy container lady.... 


So there you have it, my 6th round of the 21 Day Fix - 3 weeks of ups and downs, lessons learned, and my positivity, knowledge, motivation and commitment has strengthened. I couldnt be more pleased with my continuous transformation. i hope you all enjoyed the journey too! 

If you feel like this is something you are ready to tackle, I would love to have you on board and on my team! December 1st is right around the corner - and I have a Support & Accountability group forming! Its online (Facebook) and everything I provide to you is free, you will just need the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology! Where do you think you can be in 21 Days? Still stuck on the couch, or on your way to a Healthier You right in time for the holidays!