Thursday, November 20, 2014


Being a one income family the last several years comes with its sacrifices. When my husband got hurt at work 4 years ago and was no longer able to do what he loved at work, we had to really button down on our extras and really make things work. Stretch every dollar we had. Without his salary, there wasn’t much wiggle room for and extras, date nights were spent at home with our own home cooked meals and watching a movie or TV program together. We had make sure we had enough leftovers to last of a few days and really had to cut down on unnecessary spending! No more just because gifts, no more over the top gifts. All this cutting back also included cutting back on Christmas gifts! Going into credit card debt was not an option for us, so if we didn’t have the cash for it…we did without it!

As parents, you want to give your little ones everything humanly possible and more! Especially at the holidays!! My husband and I decided to just focus on our kids through the holidays and forgo exchanging presents between ourselves. We felt like this was the best plan for us and our family. We felt like we had everything we could need and want. We were blessed with 3 beautiful children, we had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table. We had family and friends who loved us and we loved. What more could we ask for?

The first few Christmas mornings came, and there was a little sting, it felt a little different, but we enjoyed watching our kids be happy with what “Santa” brought them. This past Christmas things were a little different. Christmas morning came and although I enjoyed watching our kids open gifts and the pure excitement in our youngest eyes, it was different. Our family has gone through its share of ups and down, but over that year we grew closer. I was absolutely miserable the Christmas morning, because it just didn’t feel like the Christmas that I was used to. I felt guilty that I hadn’t bought one thing for my husband, the one person whom I love and appreciate the most!

Well, I promised myself that day that I will never feel that way again! I didn’t know how I was going to make improvements I just knew I had too!

That’s when I took matters into my own hands and started researching work from home jobs and companies. I figured if I can make some extra money after I come home from my day job, then that is what I needed to do to provide my family with that wiggle room!

Im sure we have all looked into it before, dreamed about being able to work from home, spend more time with family make money to still live the life you want. And I am sure we have all ran into the non sense and scams that are out there. Get rich quick, mail these envelopes and you too can drive this Mercedes, send me $10 and I will make you a bagillionaire….I thought I am never going to find anything legit.

After the new year, I like many others out there, said to myself I really need to do something about
my weight, my health – stick to my resolutions. I was feeling sad and depressed, angry with myself for letting myself put on so much weight, uncomfortable in my own skin. I gave up on looking for a at home job, gave up on the thought I would ever get down to my pre-kid weight, just accepted the fact that I was going to overweight and struggling financially.

Then something happened. I started seeing posts on a friends Facebook page, taking about people she was working with getting healthy and fit from home. Saw her talking about how she loved being a stay at home mom to her son, how she is paying it forward. So what did I do??? Not a darn thing!! I sat there and watched. I stalked her page for months. Looking at everything she was doing, listening to what she was talking about. I started to research. What is this Beachbody thing? What is this crazy talk about working out at home and losing weight. Shake what? After a lot of research, reading the good, and the not so good. Doing more research into the not so good to see if anything was accurate – because lets be honest….anyone can put anything they want on the internet that doesn’t mean its true! And what I found was what works for one person, may not work for others. Its all about the level of commitment that individual person makes. What I found was honesty. What I found was a company that was not afraid to say that! They were not guaranteeing anything without putting their money where their mouth is. If I don’t like Shakeology, I get my money back – even if I drank the whole bag! If I didn’t like the fitness program I get my money back! If I completely decide to not follow any of the advice from the coaches, the trainers, not follow meals plans, not follow the fitness programs and loose nothing and gain 10lbs all because of my poor choices – I can return everything and get a full refund?? What?!?! That’s unheard of!

March, 2014 I made that leap. Started my fitness journey. By June, 2014 I knew this opportunity was placed in my path, not only to get my health and fitness under control, get me mentally and physically healthy enough to be able to properly take care of my family, but also to allow me to pay it forward. To help anyone who needed it and wanted it. To share my story, my 20 years of struggling with my weight, my body image, my self esteem, with anyone who can relate and wanted to listen. To share my knowledge of what it means to truly make a commitment to yourself, you needs, your wants – to put yourself first and fully understand and believe it is not selfish, but absolutely mandatory to survive and live a long, healthy and prosperous life. To share what I learned about clean eating, health, and fitness. Finding a passion I never knew, nor ever thought would exist within my life. And to find out being able to share all of this, share myself, help even just 1 person feel better about themselves and get healthy and fit – Beachbody will pay me for this? WHAT?!?!?

Fast forward 5 months and I couldn’t be happier! My entire life has been transformed! I am so much
more confident in myself, I am happier, I am much easier to get along with (LOL). I feel like I am glowing from ear to ear! I am certainly no millionaire, and I still have my full time, but I have that wiggle room I was looking for that I never thought I would have. I am designing my life to put me in a position that I will be able to “retire” myself and work from home full time!

I have a fulfilling job that I LOVE and am very nicely financially rewarded for. This year is a whole different ball game! I not only started my Christmas shopping but, it’s all being paid for already in CASH!!! No credit card bills piling up in 2015….that’s not the way you want to start off a New Year!

I got to thinking…. How cool would it be if I could help others do that this year too!
So here it goes! I’m going to take on 5 brand new coaches! You will join my team and I am committed to helping you earn $500 this holiday season by teaching you the most important business building activities in a closed online group, 1:1 mentoring and a weekly group call! I am going to make it as seamless as possible! If you follow my steps you are going to succeed!
You’re going to take a short cut and learn everything that I have in the past 5 months to be a successful coach and business person.

I’m really super excited about this offering others this opportunity and I hope to inspire people to have a healthier holiday season and a few extra presents under the tree!

Are you interested?

If you are ready to apply or want more details, please fill out the application below and I’ll get back to you by the end of the day.

I am limiting this group to only 5 spots. When the 5 are taken I am closing the doors to this offer! I want to make sure you get my undivided attention to reach success!

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