Sunday, November 2, 2014

How on Earth am I going to survive the Holidays?!?!?!

Summer is over, the fall is here, and winter is just around the corner. Halloween just flew by and next up is Thanksgiving!! Where did the time go! 

"I thought I had more time...I was going to start my health and fitness program right after I got through vacations and Summer. Then I was going to start as soon as the kids went back to school. Then I decided I was going to start right before Halloween, but I wanted to have some candy. Maybe I should start now? Oh wait - how can I start now with the holidays right around the corner? I dont want to give up all the cookies and pies and I wont have any time!!

Here is is....we find ourselves in the midst of the yearly battle where we fight fat all throughout the holidays, most of the time loosing and setting our "New Years Resolutions" 

We have grown so accustomed to putting off time for ourselves, for our health and fitness, using so many different excuses. We can make up excuses all the way up to New Years! But let's think about this. Are the holidays ever going away? Will they miraculously change the time of year we celebrate? Ummm NO!! So why continue to push off what we can start today, and learn together how to SURVIVE any and all holidays, celebrations, and events!!

It's not about giving anything up...its about changing our mindsets, and finding healthier ways to eat and satisfy our cravings for foods we love. Celebrations & holidays are NOT ABOUT THE FOOD, its about the time we spend with our families, with our friends. Its about loving and enjoying ourselves, and making the most out of every minute we have.

Believe me, I know how hard this is! Growing up in an Italian house, food was everywhere you looked. At every holiday it was like we walked around with a never ending plate! Even in adult like, we are constantly bombarded with empty sugar-filled "gifts" from our holiday work party, or our family and friends' get-togethers.

What are we to do?? Even if you are not yet health conscious and fitness fanatic, you may still be working your way up on your journey - what are we to do with all the external pressures to fall into the holiday rut of eating out of control and munching on whatever is placed in front of us? Sadly enough, we will always be bombarded by our own parents, friends and family with their never-ending requests to eat, eat, and eat some more!

But you will survive, YOU CAN SURVIVE, you can not gain any thing, and maybe even lose some pounds, boost your metabolism, get flat abs and gain muscle. 

And I have the SECRET! Shhh...don't tell anyone about it! No its not any of those silly teas, coffees
or pills, or wraps...This has been proven time and time again - a sure fire way to stay strong, sget healthy, get fit, maintain or loose....want to know what it is????  Ok - Its called - GET UP OFF YOUR BUTT AND WORK FOR IT!! 

Yes I know that was feisty of me. But you know what? I am not sorry. There is no quick and easy fix. I am not here to reinvent the wheel, to develop some secret plan. Some get skinny quick so I can stuff my face with cakes, pies, and cookies all through the holidays and not gain any weight. That is not how this works. You can not just wish to be healthy and fit, you have to make the commitment and work for it.

What I can offer you is a plan that will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The programs I work with will allow you to meet your fitness goals without ostracizing you too much from your holiday cheer with your friends and family. Having me as you FREE COACH, I will show you how to stay strong, get motivation and support, give you tips, and recipes of some of your holiday favorites - but in a clean version. Why wait until the New Year - when you can be to your goal or halfway there by the New Year!

I'm going to get you geared up with the weight loss, food tips, fat burning exercises, and tools that you will need to fight the fat and win the war on holiday weight gain.

Don't get me wrong, I am not here to take the fun out of the holiday season. Because what would you prefer? At your next function to have your family and friends murmur "Wow, did she put on some weight?", or comment "She looks incredibly fit!" I am actually here to help you survive the holiday season without gaining a pound, and maybe even slimming down a bit.

Some Quick Tips:
  1. You must go ahead and pre-schedule your workouts as a priority meeting that is already blocked out. Aim for at least four invigorating workouts per week. If you get to five in, then congratulations. And if you achieve six complete workouts a week, then hats off to you!
  2. And the great thing about exercising is that you get to choose what you love to do best, such as weight training, yoga workouts, pilates workouts, working out at home, using an exercise DVD, running in a marathon or running on a treadmill.
  3. To survive this holiday season without gaining a pound, and even better yet, maybe even losing some weight, we need to understand "planning our food". I call my own meals and the order and content of them my "Food Plan", not a fat loss diet. I never have called it a "diet". Why? Because what are the first 3 letters of the word diet? Yup! Die! We all don't want to die! This is a lifestyle change, not something we only do for a minute and then go back to old habits.

This gift giving season, give yourself the greatest gift of all, the gift of exercise. Your heart, lungs, and muscles will all love you for it! Treat your workouts like important business meetings that you cannot be late to, call in "sick" to, or cancel. Put yourself first, make you a priority

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