Sunday, November 23, 2014

Insanity Max 30: Feeling Brave, or Slightly Crazy??!?!

First all....I want to be very honest...I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF THIS!!! But at the same time SO EXCITED!!! Have you seen the videos? Have you heard of this? All my Insanity lovers out there are you ready for the next step?

I have not tried Insanity yet, but from what I hear - the name says it all. It's insane! BUT if you stick with it, plan and prep and stay focused on your nutrition, and trust the program - you get the results you are looking for! You are stronger, more confident, shed some weight and tighten and tone. 

After 6 rounds of the 21 Day Fix, I am looking for something else to try. I want to step it up a notch - and I am thinking this is a fantastic way to do it! BUT I AM GOING TO NEED HELP!! I am going to need some serious accountability partners to kick my butt into gear, not let my fears get a hold of me, and keep me going. And in return I will do the same for you!!

I want to share some details on Beachbody's NEWEST program!! Insanity Max 30 will be released on Tuesday, December 2nd! The infamous Shaun T is the trainer behind this program. He is the creator of Insanity and T25. This will be my first workout with him! I began my own health transformation with the 21 Day Fix. For the past month I have been truly enjoying a hybrid schedule that involves the 21 Day Fix and PiYo.

So I feel its TIME to change things up around here!!! This is waaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone to be doing this much extreme cardio. But I know that I need it! I have slowed down with my own progress and it is time to pick up the pace in that area. I do have 1 physical limitation, old sports injury from years ago, so I will have to watch my knee - but I got the all clear from my doctor! There is a modifier, and if I need to Max out then so be it! Time to dig deep and see what I am capable of in this area! So here we go!!!

I have been following my leader, the number 1 coach in Beachbody, who along with her husband where chosen for the pre launch test group. They are currently 3 weeks into this and she said that the results that she is seeing posted even after just two weeks are pretty incredible!! Not to mention, her and her husband are feeling stronger by the day, and are noticing they are using the modifier less and less. Our coach shared that this workout is hard but awesome and worth it. Plenty of it is physical (of course!!) but it is also mental as well! I have heard that our body will only go where our mind will allow it. So I am honestly gearing myself up now to begin this program in a couple of weeks! The workout are each 30 minutes in length and the idea is not to just "get through" the workout but to push yourself to where you "max out" and have to take a break and then come back to it a few seconds later! Check out the Max 30 official preview via this YouTube video.

Max 30 is a 60 Day program which is built on a 5 day per week schedule. You do one set of DVD's during your first 30 days and then you change it up to a second set of DVD's during your second 30 days. Both sets will be included within the challenge pack, which will be available December 2nd. The meal plan has been designed in such a way that it will be easy to incorporate the 21 Day Fix containers. Max 30 does not include the 21 Day Fix containers but they could be purchased separately OR you may already have them from having done the 21 Day Fix prior to this!


So, who is this program for? Most anyone who is a die-hard cardio junkie is going to find this program thrilling! Athletes, extreme fitness fanatics, and those who has graduated from previous workouts and want to take it to another level. I am really ready for something NEW and this fits the bill. I want to continue to challenge myself while making measurable progress with my own fitness! 

I am very excited to be hosting an exclusive Max 30 challenge group which will begin in early December! This program is going to be INTENSE and we are going to have to dig deep as we tackle it. I have no doubt that those who participate in this 60 Day challenge group will come away with some insane results, new levels of determination and also some new friends who are on this journey right alongside of you! Contact me ASAP to reserve your spot, and click below to find me on Facebook.
See below for an overview of the Month 1 Max 30 workouts! Guess what?!?? If you are intrigued and would like to be the first to know more program details as we approach the December 2nd launch date, I am happy to share them with you! You are invited to join my FB group where we are counting down the days until the release of Max 30!! Just let me know if you are interested and I will get you added to that countdown group! If you are looking to challenge yourself this winter, Max 30 is the ticket!

So there it is!!! Are you EXCITED???? Can you feel your blood PUMPING already?!?!?!