Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transformation Tuesday Bringing You some 21 DAY FIX SUCCESS STORIES!!

It's Transformation Tuesday and of course I decided to talk about my absolute soul mate workout is the 21 day fix! I love everything about it. I think the workouts are the perfect mix of cardio, strength training and intensity. There are modifications no matter what your ability level and the food storage containers just make it the icing on the cake!!!

I am so proud of my challengers! They committed and fought through for 21 Days! They changed their mindset, they opened themselves to what really holds them back, they made a choice to try new things, even when it seemed scary!

On this Transformation Tuesday I want to shout out 1 Challenger in particular. Huge shout out to an old High School friend - Ingrid!!! We lost touch over the years, life and family taking over - and we reconnected on facebook. We got reacquainted, and I shared with her my journey. She was curious and scared as what the 21 Day Fix was all about - but took a huge leap of faith! She was struggling on what to eat, what not to eat she struggle with portion control and not making the time for herself. She lost over 20lbs and 10 inches!! I am so proud of her and her dedication! Full time mommy and wife, full time nursing student and full time worker! She made the time for her, to get healthy and fit, learned new and healthier habits, and now can pass that along to her children.  

Are you guilty of this? Do you do the squat and stretch when you put on a new pair of jeans? Do you hope that if you stand up and sit down a few times they will loosen so that your muffin top doesn't hang over it? Or maybe you are like me and you throw on an extra large sweater so no one can see it! Yup, that's me right there! I used to choose my clothes based on which outfit didn't show my muffin top. I would choose what clothes didnt touch any rolls so nothing was brought to the attention of others. I was scared and uncomfortable in my own skin. Now I learning to wear what I want, and what fits the right way because I have so much more confidence in myself!!!! I set goals for myself, and even though i stumble and struggle I am still here!! Still pushing forward!!

When I start working with any of my challengers, I want to know they are committed to not looking back, to not crash dieting to making this a lifestyle change and to not get mad at the scale if it doesn't move as fast as we would like! I want them to be ready mentally. The more you realize this is a choice, a choice you must make everyday, the more likely you are going to stick with it. This is NOT get to your goal, and go back to the way you were before. This is a lifestyle change. If you go back to what you did before, you will end up in the same place. 

We work together as a team, lifting each other up every day and supporting each other through temptations, late night snacking, cravings, social events and more we have results to show! Now with the Holidays coming up - there is no better time to start! Yes you heard me correctly!! Start before the holidays!! Why you ask? Why not?? We have all heard how over the holidays, people tend to gain anywhere from 5-10 lbs! Do you want to enter the new year another 10 pounds heavier? With more bad habits? Wouldn't it be better to be ahead of the game? 

On a personal note, I have a transformation story of my own. I started as a Beachbody customer in March of 2014. I was 100 lbs over weight because of many years of poor choices, not having knowledge or direction, demons within myself, feeling lost and depressed. I wanted to make a change within myself mentally and physically. For years I tried many options that did not work for me - gyms, fad diets, pills, binging, starvation, counting points, whey protein drinks..etc. and For many reasons, not committed enough, again no direction, not enough knowledge etc....nothing worked for me. Once I changed my mindset, and dedicated time to do the research on how to get started, where do I go, and what kind of fitness do I even like, I found my coach on facebook. I watched what she was doing, what what she was talking about. Decided that I needed to give it a try. At this point I had nothing to loose. 

Talking about my goals with my coach made me feel so much better. She was kind and thoughtful, not judgmental at all. I was able to watch different clips from different videos to see what I thought would be better. I had concerns though. "What if I hated the Fitness program I picked"? "No worries, Beachbody has a money back guarantee". I knew that I was going to be comfortable with at home fitness programs. It was something I could mange, fit into my schedule and make it a routine, not something I dreaded. Having a coach, and a group of people just like me - was very motivating and helpful, it gave me the extra help, push and support I needed. I did my research on Shakeology ahead of time. I didnt think I was one of those shake people, and really could it be that good for you? Brought the ingredients to my doctor and nutritionist friend and they both were blown away with the amount of all natural nutritionally dense super foods in it. They said you absolutely have to drink this! To be honest, it is not mandatory or needed to drink Shakeology. It is not a get slim quick scheme. You can just make a clean food meal, yet I didnt care! I wanted to try it, and incorporate it into my eating plan for the nutritional value and convenience. I knew I was never going to get the same amount of nutrients in a food meal I prepared that I would get in Shakeology. Because I was so successful in changing my mindset, learning how to meal plan and prep, fight demons that were there for over 20 yrs - i wanted to offer my help to others that were in the same position. Health and fitness became a passion I didnt know i had. I became a coach in July, and have never been so excited!! I am by no means an expert, but every expert was once a beginner - and my goal is to learn everything I can to properly help myself and others. To date, I have lost over 65 pounds and 67 inches, and I contribute all of my success to changing my mindset, constantly learning and growing, learning how to clean eat and portion control, drinking my Shakeology and keeping an open mind. So when I hear people say, they can't do this...well oh yes you can!!! If I can do it anyone can do it!! 

What's next?
If you can identify with this post. If you want to change your life, if you want to make a change and you want to do it right now then start today!!!!

It's so nice to know that you have a place to check in each and every day and know that you are on the right track and someone is in your corner helping you to succeed! 24/7 whatever it takes!

Join my next Challenge group. My Healthy for the Holidays group is starting on December 1st or you can start with a Mini 5 Day Clean Eating and Shakeology group starting on December 8th. It is your choice. You choose your destiny. If you want to make a change then you just DO IT! No looking back, no regrets, just you and me as your coach!!!