Friday, January 16, 2015

Dreams Can Come True - Life by Design Being a Team Beachbody Coach

Sometimes decisions you make in your life, that at the time you made them, you didn’t believe would be so significant, can completely change your life.

I know that was true for me. When I stumbled upon Beachbody, I had no idea how my life would change for the better. I had no idea I would have found a passion for something that a year ago; I would have laughed in your face, as I munched on my favorite chocolate chip cookie. 

I was at my highest weight, and one of my lowest points in life. Struggling daily to keep it together. I got pretty good at keeping a smile on my face and pretending like everything was OK when that was really farthest from the truth. Years and years of frustrations were suffocating me, and finally catching up with me. I was miserable, feeding off of more misery, constantly putting myself down – before anyone else had the chance to, pushing people away. I was unhappy with my outward and inner appearance, allowing my marriage to suffer from those feelings, stuck in job after jobs that were slowly killing my soul. And unhappy I was not able to provide for my kids the way I wanted. 

My decision to move forward with Beachbody was complicated. I was determined to prove the Beachbody & Shakeology was nothing but nonsense, smoke and mirrors – I was going to bust them and tell everyone I knew how this doesn’t work and it’s a waste of money. But I was secretly praying it would work and I could get my life on track, but would dare tell anyone that in case I failed yet again at something. If I went into it making sure everyone knew I was determined to prove it was crap, and then I failed – I thought everyone would just say, yup you were right, instead of you are a failure.

After a week, something clicked for me. This was real. I wanted it bad enough. I wanted to succeed and nothing was going to stand in my way this time. It was non-negotiable. I was finally ready. By the end of Spring, I knew in the pit of my stomach I wanted to help at least 1 person – who may have struggled, or is struggling with those same types of demons, or different demons of their own. I knew I wanted to be the support and motivation for at least 1 person who was finally ready to change the path they were on. I decided to officially become a coach. 

Something in the back of my head just knew this decision was going to change me. I had always dreamed of being my own boss, being a CEO of my own company and over the summer I had a real sneak peak into working from home as a CEO. Being laid off from my corporate type job, I decided to take a leap and really pursue my Beachbody business, and start a doggie daycare & pet sitting business. The daycare was going great, but Beachbody was really allowing a steady weekly income – so I could pay for gas for the car, the monthly grocery bill, and of course my Shakeology. When my landlord put a cabosh on the daycare, I did have to go back to corporate land, BUT I was able to add another item to the list of what Beachbody helped me pay for – Christmas! 

It really doesn't matter where you start in this business... What matters is where you FINISH.
I am well on my way of turning my Beachbody business into a full time business, and get me back to where I belong as the CEO of my business and life. When I looked at my kids, I promised myself that my choices in life would never determine their ability to pursue their dreams, whatever they might be...

It then hit me that in order for me to encourage them to pursue THEIR dreams, I had to first be brave enough to pursue MINE...

------ Here in lies my MOTIVATION for pursuing Beachbody.

I have taken a crazy life, filled with ups, downs, and all arounds and using it to show others that ANYTHING is possible if you work hard enough and believe that you are just as worthy as anyone else. Because you really, truly are.


I'm so thankful I decided to start a business 6 months ago because it has allowed me to work with some amazing people, filled with support, motivation, and passion. I learn more and more about myself everyday – and work on me daily. I have been able to work with the #1 Team of 2014 and the #1 Coach of 2014, learn from them, and be inspired by them. I cannot BEGIN to count the number of blessings I receive EVERY day… Whether it be in a thoughtful card or gift from one of my teammates or my personal favorite, a message from one of my fitness challengers or coaches letting me know that they reached one of their GOALS… Now, let me tell you… THAT is powerful! To know you had a positive impact on someone, when they had been struggling.

My goal is to PAY IT FORWARD and CHANGE a SERIOUS AMOUNT OF LIVES!!! Now, I am here... With THIS opportunity, not much longer after I began my journey... Helping to mentor the great leaders coming up. I use the word "mentor" because there are NO bosses in this "biz". Only YOURSELF. You are your own CEO and can run things however YOU like! We are just a family that supports one another in achieving those goals, if you're ready!

Looking for like-minded, BIG dreamin', people helping, leaders, ready to BE the change they want to SEE in the world! And it doesn’t hurt if you a have a crazy sense of humor, and the ability to be funny and sarcastic too 

**If this sounds like you, you do NOT need to presently be at your target weight! Please comment below or private message for more details or click the below link to fill out the application!**