Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fitness Focused's 15 Day Plank & Squat Challenge!

For those of you who plan to join me on my 15-day Squat and Plank Challenge, today is the day it all begins!

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This blog post serves as a how-to guide for those who wish to learn the proper way to squat and plank. I just did my squats and I am burning, baby! Yeah! Now time for a my Peanut Butter Cup Shakeology with some banana!

Check out this woman’s before-and-after photo…inspiring! If you want to really see the results on yourself, consider taking a “Before” photo today. I had my hubby take mine (which I am locking up so no crazy paparazzi can steal it!) I can’t wait to see the “After!” Take a frontal before photo, too, as the planking will trim our bellies. And remember to sweat every day as well. Cardio is good for the heart. (21 Day Fix Extreme will be out February 2nd!!)

Summer bodies are groomed in the winter!!!

Our starting date: Wednesday, January 28th.
Our ending date: Wednesday, January 11th (but who says we’re going to suddenly stop on this day?)

Here’s a great video to teach you how to complete a proper squat. Remember, if you have back, leg or knee trouble, please talk to your doctor before joining me these next 30 days.

And here is how you complete a proper plank. Yes, you will feel it all over your body!

Wishing you Good Health & and Fitness!!!

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