Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snacks: Smarter Ways to Eat on the Go & some Snack Mistakes that Add Up

Snack Mistakes That Add Up

It has been researched and said that about 50 percent of daily calories in the average American diet come from snacks and drinks. That means that even if you eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, what you grab in between can majorly sabotage your diet. Is it a pain in the butt to keep track of every little thing you put in your mouth. YES!! But, if you are looking to get healthy, fit, and or lose some weight - it is 100% necessary.

Now let's be honest and real. Everyone in the world snacks. It has happened to all of us. You are running late, you get to work you dont have anything with you. You didnt have time to grab lunch or you forgot your lunch at home. You feel like you are in a crisis - what do you do?? (Clearly you should have your Shakeology with you...hint hint, but I digress)

1. Grabbing a piece of fruit? Great! Now add a healthy fat. A fructose-heavy banana, though all-natural and tasty, will leave you hungry again within an hour. Add a healthy fat like almond butter or chia seeds to build a snack that will quell hunger until your next meal. If you are looking for a full meal, then I would add a protein in.

2. Think of a snack bar as a meal replacement. If you pick a bar high in sugar, you’re headed towards a massive energy crash. A better bar (think high protein, low sugar, and familiar ingredients) can boost you through a long day. Looking for a bar with less than 10 grams of sugar, like most Think Thin and Quest options, are a great option to go with. You are getting healthy carbs, proteins and fats all together.

3. When it comes to beverages, focus on low sugar and low sodium. Clearly hydration is very important to your health. Reaching for juices and smoothies isn’t always a wise choice—especially when it’s not replacing a meal. You want to look for beverage options that minimize sugar and minimize sodium. Unsweetened coffee, tea, and flavored or plain water are your best bets.

4. Need something in your coffee? If you haven’t already, give unsweetened alternative milks a try. Cow’s milk has around 13 grams of sugar per cup—more than your average energy bar. Switch to a nut milk for the same creamy taste, minus the sugar. Go with the unsweetened variety. Fun fact - most of these have more calcium than your average cow's milk, and some even have more protein.  Better yet? Add a dash of cinnamon or different flavored extracts like vanilla, almond, or peppermint. 

5. Did you know?? Swapping out a regular bag of chips for a healthier variety can save you up to 13,000 calories a year or 4 pounds on the scale? Soda...UGGHHH - so many people have a love affair with it. 1 can of non diet soda would take 30 minutes or more on the treadmill to burn off. And those of you that have a love affair with soda, I am sure it is safe to say - you drink way more than 1 can per day!! If you need to get a fizzie fix, go with a seltzer, a sparkling water and save yourself additional hours working out daily!! 

6. Traveling? Bring your snacks with you. Prep and plan ahead. Do not leave it up to finding something on the road or at the train station or even at the airport. When you are hungry - you will be tempted to reach for the foods that are not so very healthy for you.

I hope these tips helped you in every way possible!! Need more tips? Need support and motivation on your journey to become healthy & fit? Fill out the application below and let's get started! 

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