Friday, April 17, 2015

Moms in Love with Fitness - Challenge Group - April 27th!!

I’m sure the majority of moms feel this way…. Busy, busy, busy and not enough time for yourself in the day, am I right? (Let’s face it…I can say ALL WOMEN, I see how hard everyone woman works, not just Busy Moms!). You are more than willing to help out anyone else and the needs they have, but when it comes to “me time” so often, Busy Moms don’t set aside that time!

Well, that must change. The reality of this is, we are the ones who are leading the way of taking care of our children and their health day in day out. However, how can you expect to be the healthy examples in our family if you don’t take the time to take care of yourselves?

The truth…it STARTS with you fellow MOMS!! You need to be the example to your children on how to live healthy and active lives. No one else is going to do that! It falls upon your shoulders!! What a great responsibility and amazing opportunity you have. Think about what a gift you are giving to your children to teach them how to live healthy lives. Teach them how to eat healthy and to lead by example of adult exercise and activity.

Could you imagine the impact that would have on your children and future generations? It’s endless and a priceless gift.

Well my fellow busy moms...No mater your age, shape, and sizes… This is your chance NOW to make a in difference in your family’s life! Start TODAY by committing to take care of YOUR HEALTH so that you can them be healthy enough to take care of your family’s health! Remember, it starts with YOU!!

Starting April 27th, I will be starting a busy moms health/fitness challenge group. Gaining your “ME TIME” back! Committing to giving yourself 30 minutes a day to focus on getting healthy and in shape! YOU DESERVE THAT TIME…and need it!

What are you going to get??

30 Days of Support
Surrounded by like minded Busy Moms!
Me as your FREE Coach
7 Day Kick Start Meal Plan w/ Shopping list
30 Nutrient Dense Meals
$10 Cash Back once you complete the 30 Days, on a Challenge Pack of your Choice!
DAILY Support & Motivation
A Healthier version of YOU!

Additionally, all the lovely ladies who apply and enter the Challenge get the chance to win a $25 gift certificate of your CHOICE as a TREAT for YOURSELF for all the hard work you put in, not only for your family but for yourself!

How do I get in on this you ask???

To be a part of the Busy Mom’s Challenge Group, please fill out this information below. I’ll help you find a Beachbody program to choose from that will be a great fit for you. You’ll commit to the program and clean eating and commit to drinking Shakeology one meal per day. There are many great fitness programs for ALL different fitness levels, beginners to experts.

I can’t wait to help busy moms discover how to be able to balance finding time to take care of yourself and your health/fitness with your busy life! As your health/fitness coach I commit to helping you reach your health and fitness goals! Start by signing up for your FREE Beachbody Membership!

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