Wednesday, July 1, 2015

7 Day Legs & Water Challenge!!

Who doesnt want beautiful sculpted legs?!!?!?! Legs that go on for miles and miles...

Summer is here - and I dont know about you....but I cannot wait to get into some Summer dresses, shorts and flip flops!!

If getting healthy and starting or challenging your fitness is on your bucket list, it's time to make it happen!! Just like other FREE challenges I hosted, this challenge is a chance to build your stamina, get you moving, and build up core strength.

So that by the end of the 7 days, you will feel recharged and refreshed!! Plus some smoking hot legs!!! And for the fun of it - I may even throw in some arm exercises!!

This challenge involves six (6) different moves. Each day there is going to be a different set of moves to accomplish!! Different variations are to not only prevent boredom and overuse injuries but to also help sculpt other areas of the body. 

Why join this challenge group??

Because its FREE, Because it will be FUN, Because you can WIN prizes, Because you DESERVE to make time for YOU and get healthy!! 


Here are instructions for the different variations.








The Plan

Instead of doing what ever you want...Each day there will be a new SET to complete. Each day you are going to DRINK half your weight in WATER. Each day there is going to be a fun game - and you got to be in it to WIN IT!

How many each day??? Well I guess you are just going to have to join the

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