Sunday, August 2, 2015

All About YOU - August Support & Motivation Group enough is enough!! It's time to focus on YOU!!

No more putting yourself on the back burner, no more excuses, no more I start next week. NO more everyone else comes first!!

If you are not in a good place, the ripple affect will go all the way through your family. Your spouse will suffer, your kids will suffer, your extended family will suffer. You will not be good to anyone!

Believe me, I get it. You're tired, you may be out of shape, you work full time, you have a house to run, you dont have time, you dont know where to start, you cant afford it. Have I hit on any excuses you may have used before?? Lord knows I have used everyone of these....and if I am being honest - there are days still now that these will creep into my head!

But I made a decision that my WHY is bigger than my excuses. How can I afford to not be HEALTHY?? Would it cost me more in doctors and hospital costs or would it cost me more getting nutritious foods?? Would it cost me more to exercise or would it cost me more to go to physical therapy? Would it be more beneficial to my family to learn what it means to be healthy, active, and happily present or to visit me in the hospital or funeral home?

Yes - that's tough and harsh - SORRY NOT SORRY. Let's be real and honest with each other. If we all continue down the path of not eating proper portion sizes, staying addicted to sugars, overeating unhealthy foods - what in the word do you think is going to happen? Heart related issues, diabetes, circulation issues, obesity, the list can go on and on.

So here it is ALL ABOUT YOU - AUGUST 17th Support & Motivation Group

I am taking on 10 new clients.
This is a focus first on nutrition group.
This group is ideal for the end summer BECAUSE
>>>The recipes are super easy.
>>>The recipes are light, quick, and easy to follow.
>>>It's perfect for end of summer because well we all know things are going to get crazy with the new school year comping up!!! Better to get into good routines NOW!!!
So I would like to introduce you to the EASIEST meal plan that is MADE for people (adapted from the 21 Day Fix Nutrition guide):
  • -on the go
  • -with travel plans
  • -end of summer vaca's and BBQ's
  • -who are READY to change but not sure how
  • -portion control
  • -real foods
  • -room for "happy meals"

How does it work?

1. We kick start our nutritional goals with 7 days of preparing ourselves, learning about clean eating, and how the heck to I make a meal plan?
2. You follow the 3 week "stripped meal plans" created with summer in mind.
3. Replace one meal a day with nutrient dense shakeology to make sure the unwanted pounds stay off.
4. Complete a 30 minute workout of your choice! Walking, running, at home or gym workouts are FINE!

So are you up for the challenge?
What do you need to do??? Well first and foremost you need to reach out to me!! Find me on Facebook, send me an email, yet fill out the application below and I will get right back to you!! 

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