Monday, February 6, 2017

Love Thy Self

Love Thy Self

February 20th, 2017–March 27th, 2017

Join me for a 5 week group as I help you meet your needs, walking you through the process of changing your unhealthy habits, creating a more positive mindset, embracing your imperfections and chucking the word diet to the wind. It's time to love the skin you're in!!!

It's not selfish to LOVE yourself. It is not selfish to TAKE CARE of yourself. YOUR happiness a priority. It is CRUCIAL!

As a mom who works full time out of the home, a business owner, a Taxi Mom, a wearer of many hats....I know all to well how easy it is to put yourself on the back-burner. I am guilty of this!!!

It is so easy to let that "MOM GUILT" take over and make you feel like you are being selfish. Its so easy to say "I dont have time because I have to do X,Y, and Z". The fact that you would even allow 5 minutes to go by doing something for yourself when there are a million other things that need done around the house - its crazy!!!

Well I am here to tell you....IT IS NOT SELFISH. In order to be the best version of you, you HAVE to make sure your cup is FILLED!! 

Does this sound familiar? 
  • I am impatient, short fused, moody, and not really a great role model when I do not take care of myself. 
  • I get depressed or sad when i look in the mirror, and immediately focus on everything that is wrong with me. 
  • I will do it later: clean & organize, eat better, exercise, shower, do my hair & makeup, get dressed up.
  • When I am impatient, moody, and not so nice, I feel guilty and angry with myself

When I find new recipes and cook clean delicious food, when I exercise - it has become my therapy, It's my "ME" time and it actually helps me have a better attitude through the day. When I stray off this path, I notice immediately "I'm Off"...and i have to get right back on track. 

This month my focus is embracing LOVING THY SELF. Your perfectly IMPERFECT body that you have been blessed with!! Its time we start honoring our bodies by making time for ourselves, by fueling it with dense nutrition, good clean foods, and positive personal development!!! And I'm going to teach you how!

So whatcha going get:
Broken down meal planning step by step.
Simple easy to follow recipes and accountability.
Matched up with a fitness program that meets your needs and guiding you from start to finish of the program we choose!
You will log in daily to our app based accountability group daily for the tips of the day and motivation and accountability from the other members of the group!

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

There is no better time than now! Make yourself a priority and watch the compound affect in your entire life change, trust me on this! I'm living proof of how investing in yourself can create a more positive environment for everyone around you!

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