Thursday, August 31, 2017

Benefits of working out at home

Benefits of working out at home:

😀Your gym is open 24/7
😷You can smell and no one complains
😴You can roll out of bed in the morning, and walk a few feet to your gym
😍You can have your niece as your personal cheering squad
😅You can sweat like a beast, hair be a hot mess, and curse all you want
🤑You can get home late from work, make dinner, get the kids situated, throw on some dirty workout clothes and get right to it

But seriously - It truly is the best!!!

It can be difficult to find a good gym

Unfortunately, there are very few good gyms for weight training. Many gyms invest in cardio and group classes rather than in weight training, and in many gyms, serious weight trainers are not welcome.

You save time and money

Going to the gym can be tedious. You have to get dressed, drive to the gym, and change into your workout clothes. Then, after working out, you have to do it all again in the opposite order. All of this can take more time than the actual workout. Add to this the fact that membership costs are more and more expensive because of the amount of activities offered. But why pay for group classes, a pool, or something else when you only want to spend two to four hours a week lifting weights?
You have the freedom to exercise when you want to.

At a gym, you can exercise only when the gym is open, and you can be limited by crowds. Working out at home gives you flexibility. You can work out in the morning, in the evening, or on alternate mornings and evenings to make the best use of your time.

No age limit exists.

Your kids are always watching!!!! Many gyms do not allow people under the age of 16 to use their facilities. This does not mean that people cannot start lifting weights, or do some cardio before the age of 16. Weight training will not stunt your growth! On the contrary: The earlier you start, the greater the benefits. In this case, the only solution is to work out at home. Kids will follow what you do! And what better way to get them into healthy habits but by having them join you! 

Why Working Out at Home Is the Right Choice

First and foremost: You get results.

Weight training is more than a hobby. You must practice it seriously and not take it lightly. You are training to achieve results, not to pass the time. Unfortunately, most gyms do not want this kind of person as a member. Gyms emphasize the fun aspects of exercising and do not focus on effectiveness. This is why gyms often choose equipment that looks nice over equipment that works well.
You need a place that fits your program.

Gyms certainly have a more social quality than your home can offer, but being social does not make your workout effective. Often, the opposite is true. Many gym members are not really there to work out. They go there to pass some time and to meet people. Sometimes gym patrons think it is strange to see people who are seriously working out.

You avoid the equipment trap.

In many gyms, the equipment choices were made based on cost rather than effectiveness. As a result, you will find equipment that is not effective and does not work well with human anatomy. This equipment is dangerous for muscles and joints. And if you have no idea how to use the equipment, you are sure to get hurt! 

You have better concentration.

At home, you can put yourself in the garage, or in the den, or living room - and let your family know this next 30 minutes is ME TIME! No one can disturb you while you are exercising in order to discuss the weather or to tell you that you are out of toilet paper. You can and will be able to remain focused and have a faster, more productive workout.

It is the best way to achieve the workout you planned.

In a gym, your resting time is largely determined by other gym members. Your choice of exercises or equipment depends on what is available when you are working out. All of this rarely fits with the program you have set to meet your objectives. Circuit training, which is indispensable for athletes’ weight training, is next to impossible in a gym. Working out at home grants you this freedom.

You eliminate ego.

In front of other people, so as not to seem silly, people might perform their repetitions haphazardly with the goal of lifting as much as possible. Ultimately, this will mean slower progress and a greater risk of injury. At home, there is no one to impress. Maybe just your dogs...yet mine are NEVER impressed....You can focus on effective work and not worry about what other people think.