Thursday, August 31, 2017

Transformation Tuesday!


Its NOT always about the weight coming off.....99% of achieving a goal of any type is MENTAL!! 

Overweight her whole life, Tasha rarely found time to dedicate to her health and fitness. She constantly over-ate, was always tired, and had no energy.

Her turning point was when she went to a theme park and wasn’t able to go on any rides with her children because of her weight.

🤚🏻How many of us have find as busy moms we all ways put ourselves last? 
🤚🏻How many of us always say someday?
🤚🏻How many of us have felt our kids are missing out because we can't keep up with them because we are not healthy?
🤚🏻How many of us are uncomfortable in our own skin?

That all changed after she dedicated one year and 11 months to doing Beachbody programs. So far, she’s lost a whopping 117 pounds and 38.75 inches!

“After completing Beachbody programs, I believe in myself now. I’m a better mother to my 3 boys. I feel stronger, and I’m a happier person all around.”

I was Tasha! I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in my own body, sad, depressed, unable to keep up with my son, tired with zero energy. I know what it's like to make fun of myself before someone else could. I know what it's like to smile on the outside, but be crying on the inside. All the days and nights just wishing for something to change, wishing i had motivation to get up and do something. Why couldnt just a day of eating healthy make me drop the 100 pounds I gained?? 

Until the day I FINALLY stopped stalking my coach, stopped just looking and wondering if this was something that would help me, stopped ignoring her posts - not commenting or liking for fear she would reach out to me, stopped ignoring her offers to join a challenge group just because I was afraid I would fail.

Until the day I took a HUGE leap of faith and just said yes.