Thursday, August 31, 2017

When you just feel like you have had it!!

We ALL have non stop busy days...met with some frustrating issues😡

Whether you are a single mom, working mom, a badass women, a wife - whatever!!! We all have been through it, and think to ourselves...Damn I just dont want to work out!! Now pass me that damn ICE CREAM!!

Having a bad day? You have two options: pout about it, or work it out – physically. Physical activity has a powerful influence over feelings of stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. 

Working out is not always about fitting into your favorite's also about decompressing, gaining focus, letting go of baggage, drowning out the noise, and getting rid of the negative toxins. It's like a quick little therapy session from the comforts of your home. 💪🏼

Here’s how exercising on a bad day can help you feel more in control.


Stress hormones are the worst!!! Feeling stressed puts you in a bad mood, which makes just about everything else impossible to deal with. Stress is why you sometimes lash out at people you like, struggle to concentrate or don’t feel motivated to do anything. You can use exercise to cope, reducing stress hormone levels and relieving physical tension in your muscles.


While stress hormones are everyone’s worst enemy, mood-boosting hormones like endorphins are everybody’s best friend. Exercise both lowers stress hormone levels and raises levels of endorphins. So when you’ve had the worst day imaginable, and you are ready to reach for that chocolate, or you are checking your bank account to see if you can bail yourself out of jail....though it won’t make all your problems go away, a good workout can make you feel happier, at least for a little while.


Exercise is in a way its own form of meditation, even strength training and cardio workouts. While your body is busy lifting weights or pedaling away on a stationary bike, your mind has the freedom to process all the thoughts tumbling around up there in your head. You have at least 20 minutes or more to reflect on the day you’ve had and decide what your next step should be. With fewer distractions, you can finally address what’s bugging you and how you’re going to deal with it after you finish your workout.


Exercise has psychological benefits that can completely change the way you feel. With more endorphins pumping through your system, you will feel happier – and this can change the way you feel about yourself, in a good way. Plus, knowing you’re out doing something good for your body and mind instead of sulking on your couch can make you feel pretty accomplished, in comparison.

Bad days are the best days to work out. You might not feel motivated to get up and do it, but all that negative energy needs a place to go. You’ll feel much better after you’ve physically worked through your frustrations and taken some time to gather your thoughts. Just do it; you won’t regret it.

And let's face it, we all could use a little peace in our lives!