Monday, October 23, 2017

Mastering your Mindset & Rocking that Outfit Challenge Group!

I believe that EVERY woman has the right to rock what ever outfit she chooses!!!!

So there was this one time..ok maybe a few times...that I was having conversations with some friends about different kinds of pants...and I was like, "Why do they make jeans that don't take into consideration the fact that women have hips..."

There are jeans that barely fit over the hips, or they fit over the hips and there is a huge gap in the butt, or they fit in the butt and the waist is too big, or your circulation is just getting cut off!!

UGGHHH the Struggle for us curvy mommas!!!

As we were getting into this conversation, one of my girlfriends said, "That's why I threw all my jeans out...leggings don't lie..."

Another one said, "I hate leggings!!! Every time I wear them - someone has something to say about me being plus size and squeezing myself into them"

And then I thought on this a little more...
and I realized...

Damn Girls!!!


When wearing leggings, there are times you don't realize the all the "cheat meals" you are having are adding up...

When wearing jeans, they are not all cut the same, so where you may normally be a size 14 - you may have to get a 16 or 18 to hug your curves the right way...

And those bullies? Ready to body shame anyone who doesnt fit societies standards??? Well thats another entire post on how i feel about them!!!

At the end of the day - its about being HEALTHY and feeling CONFIDENT in your own skin!!!
Start of my journey 2014

I remember the feelings of overwhelm that I constantly had as I got older and my social struggles became apparent.

I worried about everything. What would others think of me? Will I be happy? Will anyone notice my rolls? Do these jeans make my ass look to big? What if i wear this over sized shirt - will that hide everything?

And all of these thoughts slowly melted away as I started to learn to LET GO of others and their expectations as well as allowing my fears and frustrations get the better of me!

Mid Journey 2016

My mindset these past few years has completely changed. Completely. Because of personal development!

And let me tell you something. Your LIFE is a direct reflection of your mindset.

If you feel like there HAS to be more to life. There HAS to be more to enjoy and experience....then you are right. There is.

And you need to learn to unlock the key of your mind. You need to learn to MASTER YOUR MINDSET.

My son and I have experienced more memories as a family in the past 3 years than we did in the 11 years before. And it all comes down to changing our mindset.

I knew there was more to life. I wanted more for myself and for my son. And I learned to change our mindset to fit this.

Our lives are 180* difference. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I AM ON AN AMAZING PATH. I have learned to stop caring what other people think, how they think i should dress, how i should talk, what i should eat, who i should allow in my life....and I FOCUS on what makes ME feel CONFIDENT, HAPPY, and STRONG!

If YOU are wanting to hear from some of my FAVORITE personal development gurus, if YOU are READY TO ROCK ANY OUTFIT, feel CONFIDENT, feel STRONG, and be the BEST HEALTHIEST version of YOU then join this 30 day support group. 

We will be focusing on HOW you do this through what we eat, exercise, and how we fuel our brain to MASTER OUR MINDSET!

It starts Monday OCTOBER 30th.

So ladies, that's here is what  are about to do-

30 day virtual community
1 year virtual gym membership
Customizable meal plan
30 meals
Me in your corner- Every. Dang. Day. rooting for YOU!

I'm keepin it to a sweet ten spots.

And I want you to take one...

Especially you - YES YOU - the BADASS Busy Momma who thinks she can't, thinks she is too far gone and is all like, oh shiz... Kristin is speaking right to me!!

Fill out the application!

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