Secret Life of Kristin

My Story

My name is Kristin - I am a 40 year old single mom to the most incredible teenage son. I work full time outside the home, in a job that does not fuel my passion, engage my creativity, or allow me to display my helping nature. I suffer from anxiety and bouts of depression, and for the longest time I thought I was just lazy and crazy. I am a survivor of emotional and mental abuse, being married to a Narcissistic Sociopath for close to 10 years. I began my health and fitness journey on March 10, 2013, and I became a Beachbody Coach June of that year - and have been creating my tribe, fulling a passion i never knew i would have, helping and empowering women to live their truth, believe in themselves, and love the skin they are in.

But all of that is just part of who I am. Pieces that have made me into the person I am today. I have passions, goals, hobbies, crazy adventures, and hilarious stories....

Follow along here to see what else makes me - me!

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